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G&C is the largest international Labor Union of foreign workers, which is focused on helping foreign workers. The lobbyists of our company are members of the government of more than 40 countries around the world. You will get protection and peace of mind when working in another country in cooperation with the G&C union.


The Labor Union helps foreign workers come together, stop employers who are unfair and get better jobs. We don’t quit in difficult situations — you can always rely on legal support. Every year we help members of the Labor Union to get the training and improve the skills which are required for the further development of their careers. Isn’t it the high time for you to join the Labor Union?


10 strong reasons to join G&C:


  • You will earn more money

  • You will get more days off

  • You will be paid on time

  • You will have better working conditions

  • You will not be fired for no reason

  • You will be supported when it is required

  • You will be able to improve your qualifications and receive training by paying only a part

  • We will make sure that all the employer’s actions are legal.

  • You will receive full compensation if you are injured


You never know when you might need an advice on a problem at work. So it's good to know that the International Labor Union G&C is here to help.


Speak up, take action and make a difference. Join the Labor Union today!

As a member of the G&C Labor Union

The international Labor Union G&C speaks with a single voice on behalf of each foreign worker, so that your needs are heard. 

  • Non-payment of salary.

  • Delays in salary payment.

  • Non-compliance with the working contract and working conditions.

  • Deprivation of accommodations.

  • Health and life risks.

  • Extortion of money.

  • Various fraudulent schemes at the labor market.

  • False financial reporting of the employer on the payment of tax, insurance, budget contribution for dismissal coverage.

  • Non-payment to the retirement fund (which is cashed out when you leave the state).

  • Absence of options to increase salary.

  • Incomplete observance of social rights.

  • Low-quality jobs.

  • Low level of social protection.

  • Gender inequality and unfair payment.

  • Danger at work.

  • Incomplete freedom of movement.

  • Absence of high-quality public services available for everybody.

  • Non-compliance with legislation.

  • The danger of falling into slavery:


Be vigilant! It can be any vacancy in actually existing manufacturing plant or even a large company. Use our service to check the employer or the recruitment agency and let the qualified professionals check your individual case. According to the latest UN data, since 2010, the number of people who have fallen into slavery on the Earth has reached 21 million people, while the real numbers may reach 60 million. Slavery is flourishing today in 124 countries, mainly in countries with advanced economies.

Benefits of membership in a private Labor Union "G&C" for a foreign employee:

  • Immediate location-based legal support. There is a compensation up to 5,000 USD of unpaid funds in case of non-payment of wages by the employer.

  • Prosecution of large-scale lawsuits for large monetary compensations (10,000 USD on an average) in case of breach of contract or non-payment of wages.

  • Provision of accommodation if necessary.

  • Partial reimbursement of further vocational training and learning of a foreign language for further improvement of working conditions. We take up to 70% of the expenses.

  • Improvement of working conditions for foreign workers.

  • Monthly monitoring of working conditions, abidance by the employment contract and timely payment of wages.

  • G&C undertakes legal services, and also fully monitors abidance by state laws and all payments under the labor code in the case of industrial/non-industrial injuries or long period illnesses.

  • Financial compensation can reach up to 1,500,000 USD, in case of serious industrial injuries. Qualified G&C lawyers win lawsuits against insurance companies and employers, providing Labor Union members with the maximum compensation of damages.

  • Verification of pension payment in accordance with the state legislation of the host country.

  • Tracking of lawsuits, credit history of the employer and intermediary.

  • Recommendations for cooperation with the employer and the intermediary.

  • Queuing for high-paid jobs, public objects, profile and IT projects. Workplaces for workmen in public facilities (only in two years of continuous work in the host country).

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