TOP 8 vacancies for foreigners in Japan

Обновлено: 29 июл. 2018 г.

You can easily find a job in Japan if you have good skills and minimal experience in the field. But there are some jobs that attract foreign workers more than any others.

1. Teacher of English. Teaching English in educational institutions is the most common job for foreign workers. The minimal requirement is a bachelor's degree in any field.

2. IT expert. Many Japanese companies hire foreign IT professionals, such as programmers and developers.

3. Translator. Translators are always required, and not only from Japanese to English, but also to other languages. Most of the jobs are related to the gaming industry.

4. Sales managers. International sales managers, support staff and sales representatives are just basic positions that local companies like to fill with foreign workers.

5. Military service men. In Japan, there are more American service men than in any other foreign country, and cities around large military posts ultimately have an international population.

6. The banker. Large investment banks can afford to invite foreign workers, although staff of foreign banks are more common in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

7. Operating personnel. If you know Japanese and you have a valid visa, you can find a job in the service sector. Jobs in busy areas are designed for foreign workers with knowledge of two or more languages.

8. The engineer. Japan is known for its advanced engineering, and companies are happy to hire foreign workers. The automotive industry mainly needs foreign engineers to develop machinery parts.