Strike of German employees


A vast strike has hit not only the airports, but affected government workers and workers of the service industry. Various establishments, kindergartens and public transport companies suspended their activities. In the Labor Union ‘ver.di’ it was demanded a 6 percent raise of workers’ salary of municipal and state institutions.


Frank Bsirske, head of ver.di, stated:


"I don’t doubt for a second that salary growth is necessary and needs to be of much higher level than of the last year. The economy of the country is in a favorable state. For this reason, right now it is necessary to improve the living conditions of workers, including budget."


The strike takes place in the form of manifestos on the streets, one of which was held near the airport of Frankfurt. Participants of the action confirm:


"We need a pay rise to 6 percent that is not less than 200 euros a month. The reason is that the received money is simply not enough for basic needs."


"Such a salary isn’t what we deserve. It should be higher. Employers underestimate what we give them."


The wave of strikes has arisen for the purpose of warning. If the future negotiations don’t help to resolve the situation, then according to the head of ‘ver.di’, the scale will be even bigger.

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