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Monthly monitoring of working conditions, abidance by the employment contract and timely payment of wages.

Verification of pension payment in accordance with the state legislation of the host country.
 Tracking of lawsuits, credit history of the employer and intermediary.


Don't hesitate and inform the Union! You should describe the situation as better as possible and attach copies of all relevant documents. As an employee abroad, you have well-defined rights, which in this case are not maintained. In our turn, G&C proceeds to resolve the situation in an emergent response to your request. We will make sure that you can return to work as soon as possible.


The G&C international Labor Union offers professional training and advanced training in various fields. Courses are held both in large cities and in small towns. The company takes up to 70% of the costs. If you want to improve your knowledge, working conditions and increase wages, you simply cannot go without vocational training course. Also you can learn a local language or something new with our help. 


Checking the employer is very important, especially when you go to another country. If this issue is regarded with responsibility, you can avoid fraud and other unpleasant situations. The G&C international Labor Union conducts a thorough check of the employer for solvency, as well as credit and judicial history. In addition to this, every employer is checked by more than 10 criteria, including even parking fines. Complete collection of information makes it possible to create an employer profile, giving him a certain rating of recommendations and dangers.

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